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Malegra instruction manual

Malegra instruction online pharma 24h. manual



The product is effective in normalizing the hormonal background and increasing testosterone the rediculous cost of viagra. levels. After the first admission, he prolongs the sexual intercourse up to three times. Malegra can be taken occasionally for the purpose of prolonging sexual intercourse or a course for the qualitative treatment of systematic premature ejaculation.

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Indication for use
Indication for taking Malegra 100 mg is a violation of erectile function. Its effectiveness extends to all cases of violations, whatever their cause: psychological, physiological or mixed. 100 mg of the active substance provides the maximum effect.

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The drug “Malegra” and its varieties. viagra efectos secundarios, can you get high off etodolac. Instructions and references

Malegra 100 is a high-quality generic replica of the original Viagra. The main component is sildenafil 100 mg (1 tablet contains the maximum allowable dosage of the substance for a single dose);
Malegra dxt – in the composition of the drug sildenafil 100 + duloxetine 30 milligrams. This means of double action strengthens the erection and prevents early ejaculation;
Malegra fxt – components of the drug sildenafil 100 + fluoxetine 40 mg. The drug also has a complex effect – increases potency, prolongs intercourse, prevents early ejaculation.

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