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He just assumes you know the formula and keeps the movie’s

Martin Lawrence plays his usual immature, loud mouthedclown in “Rebound,” an underdog sports comedy for kids so predictablethat director pictures of marlene dietrich, pictures of marlene dietrich, pictures of marlene dietrich, pictures of marlene dietrich, pictures of marlene dietrich, pictures of marlene dietrich. Steve Carr doesn’t even bother with scenes of its basketballteam of 13 year old misfits discovering their skills and a love of thegame. He just assumes you know the formula and keeps the movie’s focuson Lawrence, playing an egomaniac coach who is booted out of college ballfor his temper and can’t get a job anywhere except back at his old juniorhigh school. A fundamentally unappealing jerk whose redemption comeswith an even shorter and less convincing story arc, coach Roy McCormickignores the kids one day pouting about his downfall on the sidelinesas they lose a game 84 0 then the next he’s become a life affirmingaltruist full of feel good advice and game winning strategy, just becausethe script says so..

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