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I value the exposure I get through travelling

Ahh, it is summertime, which means it is vacay time. Summer vacations bring to mind sandy beaches, poolside parties, picnics in the park, sightseeing and so much more. It is one of the best ways to have a relaxing, fun filled, stress free time with your family. And when it comes to celebs travelling well, they are always on the go and there is something irresistible about keeping an eye on their every move: where they go for vacations, their sizzling airport looks, what latest designer bags they toted on the way to that hot hot hot restaurant they tried and other exciting stuff. Thanks to the power of social media, we know when our favourite stars take thrilling trips Canada Goose online to exotic destinations. To get the scoop, this week You! talks to our much loved celebrities. Read on to find out.

1 What is your favourite holiday destination?

3. I like meeting new people when canada goose outlet in usa I travel, and being introduced to various cultures along the way, with their different cuisines and other specialties. I value the exposure I get through travelling. I believe that getting acquainted with new people and places helps you grow as a Canada Goose Jackets person and enlightens you in a very positive way.

4. My only focus is on enjoying myself to the fullest when I travel. That includes eating whatever I like and not working out Canada Goose Outlet according to a routine or plan.

5. I like upbeat music.

6. Dubai.

Imran Abbas (actor)

1. My favourite destination is Sydney.

2. I don actually calculate money while spending. Basically, buy canada goose jacket cheap I believe that official canada goose outlet whenever we go on vacations, canada goose outlet store we should never care about money because vacations and travelling is all about being carefree in every sense. However, after spending I calculate my money and then realize that I have spent a lot (haha). I am the biggest spendthrift ever; however, I am not a shopaholic. I spend mostly on food.

3. Sightseeing. Since I am an architect by profession, I am very fond of architecture and the local food available in different parts of the world. Apart from all this, the most favourite thing about travelling is that you get to meet a lot of uk cheap canada goose canada goose people and have a chance of interacting with them.

4. The first thing after checking in to my hotel is to find out about their gym facilities. Also, I prefer canada goose clearance sale walking canada goose outlet canada as in Pakistan I can do that often. People recognize you here so cheap canada goose it becomes difficult to roam around. Moreover, I try and stay away from canada goose factory sale unhealthy food during holidays.

5. Well, I canada goose black friday sale am a music buff! Wherever I go, I love to explore the classics of that particular area as it intensifies the feel of the place.

6. I think London. I have never noticed anything so goose outlet canada fascinating about it. I don understand why people are so attracted to it.

Ahsan Khan (actor)

1. My favourite holiday destination is London, which is my second canada goose outlet nyc home as well.

2. I allocate canada goose outlet parka a certain amount/budget for each trip. Let me make it clear that I am not a spendthrift, but I generally end up spending more on vacations and cheap canada goose uk then lose track of how much I have spent.

3. Favourite thing about travelling is that you get to meet new people, explore new places, get to try different cuisines canada goose outlet shop etc. canada goose outlet online uk Also, the best part about travelling for me is sightseeing and being closer to nature.

4. When on vacations I tend to gain a little weight. But I make sure to walk a lot.

5. Well, it totally depends on the mood and what part of the day it is. So canada goose outlet online depending on my mood I could go for Classic, Jazz, Sufi, Pop or Trance music.

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