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That deal tied 2010’s Black Friday offer

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canada goose Here's What To Expect From This Year's After-Christmas Sales Lindsay Sakraida Dec. 26, 2011, 11:40 AM If shopping is something like a sport to you (we won’t judge; this is dealnews after all), then you’re probably already gearing up for after-Christmas sales. It’s one of the more notable shopping events of the year, and you can expect stores to almost universally offer discounts. But how do the sales stack up to other major shopping holidays? And what should you expect this year? We combed through our archives to offer a few predictions on what you’ll likely see this December 26. The other major shopping event of the fall and winter season is, of course, Black Friday weekend. Thus, we compared last year’s after-Christmas deals to this year’s Black Friday offerings, and found that the post-Christmas sales of 2010 were notably less exceptional, in terms of top offers. Last year, 35% of the deals posted on December 26 were Editors’ Choice. That percentage is slightly less than what we saw on Black Friday this year (which came in at 39% Editors’ Choice), and post-Christmas sales 2010 were way under Thanksgiving 2011, which clocked in at a whopping 48% Editors’ Choice). This suggests that the overall caliber of deals is lacking. However, the New York Times argues that sale items on December 26 are generally in greater supply than they are during Black Friday weekend. Another correspondence with Black Friday is the fact that after-Christmas sales tend to put a lot of emphasis on in-store shopping. This is perhaps in response to the number of people who come to brick-and-mortar locations to make returns after Christmas. According to Consumer Reports, 20% of Americans planned to return at least one gift after their 2010 holiday, and — despite many stores’ extended return policies— the day after Christmas is a popular time to get it out of the way. After-Christmas sales are thus a great way to encourage shoppers to immediately exchange the items for something new, and to perhaps spend more while in-store. Last year, exclusive in-store deals were largely available from apparel merchants, like American Eagle, Aeropostale, New York & Company, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Banana Republic factory stores, Express, Old Navy, and GAP, the latter of which offered a staggering extra 50% off sale items in store until noon. We expect to see such discounts in-store this year, too, so be sure to look for printable coupons and in-store sale ads from some of your favorite clothing retailers. Keep in mind, however, that last year the 26th fell on a Sunday buy viagra online singapore. , when many shoppers likely had no work obligations. Although that might still be the case this year, with people having off or taking off between Christmas and New Year’s, it may generate a greater number of shoppers looking for online deals. In addition to brick-and-mortar discounts, there were of course many special sales and deals available online post-Christmas last year as well. We saw a variety of discounted categories, but general trends included clothing, shoes, and department store sales. Some of the more popular department store sales and online coupons from 2010 came from Macy’s, Nike, Ann Taylor LOFT, JCPenney, Best Buy, Walmart, Timberland, Tory Burch, and Kiehl’s. While some of these offers were tied with Deal Week / Cyber Week mentions, others were discounts that we had seen more regularly. For example gigglegeek , post-Christmas last year, Macy’s offered a coupon that took $10 off purchases of $25 or more. That deal tied 2010’s Black Friday offer. This year, we’ve seen that discount four times since mid-November. It’s still a fantastic coupon, but the frequency with which we’ve seen the discount suggests that December 26 sales are perhaps oversold as “best of the season.” While there’s a lot of emphasis on apparel deals, gamers should also take note. We saw a high number of Editors’ Choice discounts on popular video game titles after the holidays last year, with several notable games reaching their rock bottom prices of the year. In 2010, this included Call of Duty Black Ops, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, and Fallout: New Vegas, among others from Target, Kmart, Amazon, and Best Buy. So how should you prepare for after-Christmas sales next week? First, you should sign on to dealnews early and see if there are any Editors’ Choice in-store only sales or printable coupons; those will be the most worthy of changing out of your pajamas. Then, scope out the online offers throughout the day, a task that’s made easier if you set up an email alert for deals on the specific products or categories of interest to you. Happy shopping! This post originally appeared on dealnews. canada goose parka

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