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These high energy photons streak outward

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canadian goose jacket Thisweek, millions of Canada Goose Parka people will turn their eyes to the skiesin anticipationof the 2015Perseid meteor shower. But what happens onless eventful nights, when we find ourselves gazing upward simply to admirethe deep, dark, star spangled sky? Far away from the glow of civilization, we humans can surveythousands of tinypinpricks of light. But how? Where does that light come from? How does it make its way to us? And how do our brains sort all that incoming energy into such a buy canada goose jacket profoundly breathtaking sight? canadian goose cheap Canada Goose jacket

Our story begins lightyears away, deep in the heartof a sun like star,where gravity immense inward pressure keepstemperatures high and atoms disassembled. Free protons hurtle around the core, occasionally attainingthe blisteringenergies necessary to overcome their electromagnetic repulsion, collide, and stick together in pairs of two.

Canada Goose Parka So called diprotons are unstable and tend to disbandas quickly as they arise. And if it weren for the subatomic antics of the weak nuclear force, this would be the end of the line: no fusion, no starlight, no us. However, on very rare occasions, a canada goose coats on sale process called beta decaytransforms one proton in the pairinto a neutron. These high energy photons streak outward, providing thermonuclear pressure that counterbalances the star gravity. Tens or even hundredsof thousands of years later, battered,bruised, and energetically squelched from fighting their way through a sun sized blizzard of other particles, theyemerge from the star surface as visible,ultraviolet, and infrared light. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose factory sale Canada Goose sale But this is only half the story. The light then has to stream across vast reaches of space in order to reach the Earth a process that, providedthe star of origin isin our own galaxy, can take anywhere from 4.2 years to many thousands ofyears!At least from your perspective. Since photons are massless, they don experience any time at all! And even after eluding what, for any other massive entity in the Universe, would be downrightinterminableflight times, conditions still must align so that you can see even one twinkle of the light fromafaraway star. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale That is, it must be dark, and you must be looking up. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose store Credit: Bruce Blaus canada goose store

The incoming stream ofphotons then makes its way through your cornea and lens andonto yourretina, a highly vascular layer of tissue that lines the back of theeye. There, eachtiny packet of light impinges uponone of two types of photoreceptor cell: a rod, or acone.

canada goose uk black friday Most photons detectedunder the low light conditions of stargazing will activate rod cells. These cells are so light sensitive that, in dark enough conditions, they can be excited by a single photon! Rodscannot detect color, butare far more abundant than cones and are foundall across the retina, including canada goose deals around healthy-male-viagra, healthy-male-viagra, healthy-male-viagra, healthy-male-viagra, healthy-male-viagra, healthy-male-viagra. the periphery. canada goose uk black canadian goose jacket friday

uk canada goose outlet The less numerous, more color hungry cone cellsare densely concentrated at the center of the retina, in a region called the fovea(this explains why dim stars that are visible in your side vision suddenly seem to disappear when you attempt to canada goose outlet look at them straight on). Despite their relative insensitivity, cone cells can be activated by very bright starlight, enabling you to perceive stars like Vega as blue and Betelgeuse as red. uk canada goose outlet

But whether bright light or Canada Goose online dim, every photon has the same endpoint once it reaches one ofyour eyes photoreceptors: a molecule of vitamin A, which is bound together with a specialized protein called an opsin. Vitamin A absorbs thelight and triggers a signalcascade: ion channels open and charged particles rush across a membrane, generatingan electrical impulse that travels up the optic nerve and into the brain. By the timethis signal reaches your brain visual cortex, various neural pathways are already hard at work translating this complex biochemistryinto what you once thought was a simple, intuitive, and poetic understanding of the heavens above stars, they shine.

So the next time you go outside in the darker hours, take a moment to appreciate the great lengths it takes for just a single twinkle of light to travel from a series of nuclear reactions in the bustling center of a distant star,across the vastness of space and time, through your body electrochemical pathways, and into your conscious mind.

canada goose coats on sale It gives every last one of those corny love songs new meaning, doesn it? canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose At one time or another, all science enthusiasts have heard the late Carl Sagan infamous words: are made of star canada goose clearance stuff. But what does that mean exactly? Howcouldcolossalballs ofplasma, greedily burning awaytheirnuclear fuel in faraway time and space, play any part in spawningthevast complexity of ourEarthly world? How is it that nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, canada goose coats the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies could have beenforged so offhandedly deep in the hearts what to expect from viagra, what to expect from viagra, what to expect from viagra, what to expect from viagra, what to expect from viagra, what to expect from viagra. of thesemassivestellar giants? cheap Canada Goose

canada goose Unsurprisingly, the story is both elegant andprofoundly awe inspiring. canada goose

canada goose clearance All starscome from humble beginnings:namely, a gigantic, rotating clump of gas and dust. Gravity drivesthecloudtocondense as itspins, swirling intoanever more tightly packed sphere of material. Eventually, the star to bebecomes so dense and hot that molecules of hydrogen in its core collide and fuse into new molecules ofhelium. These nuclear reactions releasepowerful bursts of energy in the form of light. The gas shines brightly; a star is born. canada goose clearance

The ultimate fate of our fledglingstar depends on its mass. Smaller, lightweightstars burn though the hydrogen in their core more slowly than heavierstars, shining somewhat elavil for sale without perscription. more dimly but living far longer lives. Over time, however, fallinghydrogen levels at the center of the starcausefewer hydrogen fusion reactions; fewer canada goose clearance sale hydrogen fusion reactions mean less energy, and therefore less outward pressure.

canada goose uk shop At a certainpoint, the canada goose black friday sale star canno longermaintain buy canada goose jacket cheap the tensionits core had been sustaining against the mass of its outer layers. Gravity tips the scale, and the outer layers begin totumble inward on the core. But their collapse heats things up, increasing the core pressure and reversing the processonce again. Anew hydrogen burningshell is created just outside the core, reestablishing abufferagainstthe gravity of the star surfacelayers. canada goose uk shop

buy canada goose jacket While the core continues conducting lower energy helium fusion reactions, theforce of the new hydrogen burning shell pushes on the star exterior, causing the outer layers to swellmore and more. The starexpands and coolsinto ared giant. Its outer layers will ultimately escape the pull of gravity altogether, floating off into space and leaving behind a small, dead core a white dwarf. buy canada goose jacket

Lower mass stars like our sun eventually enter a swollen, red giant phase. Ultimately, its outer layers will be thrown off altogether, leaving nothing but a small white dwarf star. Image Credit: ESO/S. Helium atoms fuse together to form carbon. Carbon combines with helium to create oxygen, which fuses intoneon, thenmagnesium, then silicon all the way across the periodic table to iron, where the chain ends. Such massive stars act like a furnace, driving these reactions by way of sheer available energy.

But this energy is a finite resource. Once the star core becomes a solid ball of iron, itcan no longer fuse elements to create energy. As was the case forsmaller stars, fewer energetic reactions in the core of heavyweight stars mean less ompranyt online uk. outward pressure against the force of gravity. The outer layers of the star will then begin to collapse, hastening the pace of heavy element fusion and further reducing the amount of energy available to hold upthose outer layers. Density increases exponentially in the shrinking core, jamming togetherprotons and electronsso tightly thatitbecomes an entirely new entity: a neutron star.

At this point, the core cannot get any denser. The star massive outershells still tumbling inward and still chock full of volatile elements no longer have anywhere to go.

Canada Goose Jackets Periodic Table of Elements. Massive stars can fuse Canada Goose Outlet elements up to Iron (Fe), atomic number 26. Elements with atomic canada goose store numbers 27 through 92 are produced in the aftermath of a massive star core collapse. Canada Goose Jackets

The energetic shock wave produced by the supernovamoves out into the cosmos,disbursingheavy elements in its wake. These atoms can later be incorporated into planetary systems like our own. Given the right conditions for instance, an appropriately stable star and a position within itsHabitable Zone these elements provide the building blocks for complex life.

Today, our everyday lives are made possible by these very canada goose atoms, forged long ago inthe life and death throes of massive cialis professional 20 mg germany. stars. Our ability to do anything at all wake up from a deep sleep,enjoy a delicious meal, drive a car, writea sentence, add and subtract,solve a problem, call a friend, laugh, cry, sing, dance, run, jump, and play is governed mostly by the behavior of tiny chains of hydrogen combined with heavier elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus.

Other heavy elements are present in smaller quantities in the body, but are nonetheless just as vital to proper functioning. For instance, calcium, fluorine, magnesium, andsilicon work alongsidephosphorus to strengthen and grow our bones and teeth; ionized sodium, potassium, and chlorine play a vital role in maintaining the body fluid balance and electrical activity; and iron comprisesthe key portionof hemoglobin, the protein thatequipsour red blood cells with the ability to deliver theoxygen we inhale to the rest of our body.

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